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Guillotine 2LP reissue


Guillotine (2003) will soon be re-released as a gatefold double vinyl by Ektro's Full Contact vinyl imprint. This double vinyl edition includes one bonus track that did not appear on the original CD.

"Finland´s masters of hypnotic heaviness abandon riffs and repetition to dive blindly into a noisy, freeform abyss. Landmark 2003 album, first time on vinyl. Watch your head, rocker!"

Pressing info:
150 X transparent purple
350 X black

Release date is November 28th. Pre-order here!

New live tape by Circle


Hukkaamiskielto (”the prohibition of disposals”) by Circle is a highly charged monolith based on a 26-track live recording by a veteran sound designer, recording engineer and audiovisual producer Max Laine of a Circle show in Dynamo, Turku in February 2011. The production was meticulously done by manipulating all of the actual individual tracks. What you hear on this cassette album is the end-result of synthesizing and replacing all key instruments with effects used in modern day transient-tracking and pitch-to-MIDI techniques. Therefore, Hukkaamiskielto begs the question, what is synthesized and what is actually human-generated as we move further towards a Kurzweilian singularity or rather away from it further into the roots of all electronic music. What you hear is a Circle show from beginning to the end, but only transformed beyond basic recognition.

The term ”hukkaamiskielto” became part of Finnish street folklore in November 2013, when the chief officer of drug-related crimes Jari Aarnio, was faced with dozens of charges including gross misrepresentation of the evidence, aggravated acceptance of bribes, assistance of serious fraud and so on. His vast private property worth 500,000 € was thus given the status of ”hukkaamiskielto”.

- fluorescent green cassette with body printing and standard black case
- edition of 200 hand-numbered copies
- release date September 29th

Recorded live at Dynamo, Turku, February 23, 2011. P. Jääskeläinen, J. Jääskeläinen, J. Westerlund, J. Lehtisalo, T. Leppänen, M. Rättö + T. Laurila, live audio engineer & additional live effects. Synthesized and re-arranged by M. Laine / Wolfborder Studios

Released by Ruton Music. Pre-order now

New live LPs by Circle & Pharaoh Overlord


Ektro Records' vision for the future is to offer "outstanding solutions of subversive sound art". Key paths to realizing the vision are "harmonizing production lines" and "maximizing synergy advantages". As part of this strategy, the company launches a new, innovative concept: The "6000 km/h" brand.

6000 km/h is a product line of high quality, multi-channel "live" recordings. The brand name strives to communicate "speed, dynamism and goal-orientedness". The honour of opening the new product line has been given to Ektro records' flagship merchandise CIRCLE, jointly with its sister band oriented to the developing markets, PHARAOH OVERLORD. The pair of albums comprises a mutually complementing conceptual gesamtkunstwerk, the parts of which can, however, also be enjoyed as independent works.

CIRCLE's album 6000 km/h was recorded on the band's European tour in spring 2014. Utmost care has been taken to include a top quality selection of most exciting "takes" of the band's psychedelic rock hits like "Paniikin Valtias", "Fish Reflection", and the evergreen "Se Jonka Nimeä Ei Mainita".

PHARAOH OVERLORD's album 6000 km/h is a recording of the band's show at Turku's H2Ö festival, where they gave the festival audience the most unforgettable summer experience of the year 2014, taking them on a ride through time and space into a dialectical tailspin where the laws of music, theatre and society, among other things, turn into their opposites. All the songs on the album are world premieres, including titles such as "Hei Se Kassi Tänne", "No Ota Sitten Kolmekymppiä", and "Onkohan Tää Riisiä"

Jussi Lehtisalo, the Executive Director of Ektro Records, is excited about the "6000 km/h" concept: "6000 km/h is our bravest product launch since the company started in 1996. This is going to be something totally whacked out!"


New Plain Ride album released


Plain Ride, the band featuring J. Westerlund and J. & P. Jääskeläinen, recently released a new album called Skeleton Kites through Ektro Records. Hear a new song called Suuri vesi on Soundcloud.

Hissi out soon on vinyl


Nowadays, with Circle's vast discography, you've come to expect the unexpected. Every other release seems to take a weird u-turn or completely wander off from the main autobahn, into the mysterious forests. In 1996, after releasing a few seven inches and two albums (Meronia and Zopalki) of guitar heavy hypnotic art rock, Circle still seemed like a band that's progressing somewhat logically in their musical experiments. Hissi is the first "illogical" album in the ever-expanding, logic-defying discography of the band. Experimental puppet theatre music, demented lounge lizard grooves and cosmic rhythm music soundscapes that discard the band's earlier guitar heavy approach almost completely. Hypnotic and strange like the first two albums, but still weird and unexpected. Psychedelic music without the usual hippie guitar solos and spacious effects or druggy trance techno thump. Not formally psychedelic, yet truly psychedelic, psychedelic in spirit. Now available on vinyl for the first time, remastered.

Originally released on CD (META-008) via Metamorphos in 1996. A few copies of Ektro's CD release from 2012 are also still available.

1. Kuivaamo (10:29)
2. Velmu (3:23)
3. Kalat (5:01)
4. Glanu (4:13)

1. Valvo (3:55)
2. Kuukäärme (5:50)
3. Strand - Jatkumo (5:01)
4. Saksi (9:12)

Circle - Kalat by Ektro Records

Circle - Kuivaamo by Ektro Records

LP out in August. Pre-order now

Surface out soon on vinyl


Live album by the now legendary Meronia/Zopalki -era line-up of Circle. Recorded in 1996 at Pakkahuone, Tampere, and originally released in 1998, Surface captures the full frontal assault of an early Circle live show. Wondrous stories of a band of crazed art rock warriors playing with ear-exploding volume and wearing dead fish on stage are still told with awe and respect as people who saw the show refer to the gig immortalized in these recordings. Starting off with a spooky ambient rendition of Hank Williams' "I Saw The Light" and then speeding up with jarring guitar riffage and nervous synthesizer licks, Surface builds tension without mercy or release. Hauntingly original rock music from a very weird period of alternative music in Finland. Now available for the first time on vinyl, remastered and with new artwork.

Circle - Valerian (live) by Ektro Records

Circle - Sprinkler (live) by Ektro Records

Originally released on Circle/Marble Sheep: Surface/Marble Zone 2 CD (META-023) via Metamorphos in 1998.

Out in August. Pre-order now

Circle's first releases reissued


The legendary first 7-inch releases by Circle rise from the grave! Originally released in 1991-1993, the first three 7" vinyls by Finland's relentless kings of hypnotic rock have been a sold out and sought after commodity for a long time. Ektro Records makes them available once again, all remastered and repackaged with love and respect for the original masterpieces. Avant punk attitude, heavy circular riffing, ghastly vocals, own makeshift language and an overall sense of wonder ooze out of every track. Circle's trademark qualities have stood the test of time. These three little vinyls are a trip back in time to a more innocent era of independent music.

Pre-order now!

Circle - Crawatt by Ektro Records

Circle - Point by Ektro Records

Circle - Fone by Ektro Records

Circle - DNA by Ektro Records

Two new shirts for the tour


Ektro Records has just put two new Circle shirts up for sale. These shirts will only be available online until March 28, after that the only way to get one is by coming to one of the shows in Europe in April. Check out the designs "Cowboy" and "Kumiluoti" at Ektro Records.

In other news, the Kumiluoti and Leviatan vinyls will be available after Circle's tour, on April 18.



Finland’s avant-rock explorers, Circle are at it again. Just a few months after their brutal exploitation of the capitalistic mindset behind the super rock idiom, Circle plunge into the oceanic depths of true self-expression with their new album, Leviatan. Combining acoustic instrumentation with, at times, menacing vocals, complete with looming space sounds captured by NASA, the album yields a timeless, yet distinctively archaic klang. The ritualistic conviction of the group becomes obvious as the gritty idiosyncracy of the album gradually unfolds into a journey through spiritual anarchism, leaving the listener baffled at the exacting abandonment of the ensemble.

Circle (ex-Falcon) - Huone by Ektro Records

Circle (ex-Falcon) - Post-Kapitalismus by Ektro Records

CD / LP COMING SOON - Pre-order from Ektro Records

Kumiluoti 7" coming soon


The new seven inch from Finland’s Circle finds the band firing in-your-face punk. Kumiluoti tears down the smokescreen of society with searing guitars and point-blank lyrics, navigating the ammo deep inside the corpse of capitalist machinery. The two songs reveal the plight of those exposed to the idiocies of blatant consumerism with surgical precision. Volatile, intense and straight to the point. Death to Society!

Circle - Kumiluoti by Ektro Records

7" COMING SOON - Pre-order from Ektro Records

Circle tours Europe in April


Circle (ex-Falcon) on tour in Europe with Old Man Gloom in April:

01-04-2014 Grammatikoff, Duisburg
02-04-2014 Beursschouwburg, Brussels
03-04-2014 The Scala, London
04-04-2014 La Maroquinerie, Paris
05-04-2014 Dachstock, Bern
06-04-2014 Locomotiv, Bologna
07-04-2014 Jubez, Karlsruhe
08-04-2014 Bi Nuu, Berlin
09-04-2014 Meet Factory, Prague
10-04-2014 Arena, Vienna
11-04-2014 Doom over Leipzig, Leipzig
12-04-2014 Roadburn festival, Tilburg

Update March 20: Prague venue changed to Meet Factory!

Pre-orders available / SSEENNSSEESS in Rotterdam


The Hollywood 2LP and the SSEENNSSEESS live LP can now be pre-ordered from Ektro Records. Both LPs are available in regular and limited editions.

In other news, Circle and film director Mika Taanila are taking their SSEENNSSEESS show on the road, appearing at the Worm club in Rotterdam on the 26th of January. More info here (in Dutch)



SSEENNSSEESS is a live album recorded in the Kiasma Theatre on November 22, 2013. SSEENNSSEESS was performed as a part of Mika Taanila's exhibition Time Machines (November 1, 2013 - March 2, 2014) at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki.

SSEENNSSEESS wil be released in early 2014 on vinyl through Full Contact Records, the vinyl imprint of Ektro Records.

Circle - Terminal (live) by Ektro Records

Circle's lineup on the album is Janne Westerlund, Julius Jääskeläinen, Pekka Jääskeläinen, Tomi Leppänen, Mika Rättö, Jussi Lehtisalo.

Hollywood vinyl re-release


Hollywood will soon be released as a double vinyl edition by Full Contact Records, the vinyl imprint of Ektro Records. Ektro originally released Hollywood on CD back in 2008.

Circle - Sacrifice by Ektro Records

Circle - Mercy And Tuesday by Ektro Records

New Circle & Falcon shirts


New shirt designs available for Circle and Falcon. Circle's classic fist shirt makes a comeback in a new color too. Get them from Ektro Records